This shit Hits Concrete (vampiriclecross) wrote in insomnia_annon,
This shit Hits Concrete

So There is Dante's Purgatorio

I was up for a month strait.

last night i got a full nights rest.

Women have that affect on me and i afflict too mcuh to be good to myself and for what its worth i dont have anyone to blame but the lack of Attention.

Truelly the lack of attention as i was so wired awake on nothing but a single question; reason being for what went on in the heart of a woman.

i find it hard to say - i believe nothing. Nothing goes on truelly but the icy cold running of the viens when someone who loves you thinks only about money -yet works a job as a hostest at a steak house.

Had life been sweeter than this i might have found eternal bliss , but reality is that lighter green trim with the masonry and self portrait of dead men ,
had there been shadows before , id say they've been reduced to mere imprints ,
just as distance was the aches and pain of insomnia with push-ups and sit-ups.

Falling is a miricle and gravity takes me there. I havent fallen but every once and a while it would be that im always up.

What about fudge and ice cream?
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